Navigating New Horizons – Climate Pathfinders Asia Workshop


Navigating New Horizons - Climate Pathfinders Asia Workshop (Co-presented with Asian Venture Philanthropy Network) (By Invitation)


12 Sep 2023 Tuesday 14:30

Session Description:

Marking the launch of the AVPN Climate Pathfinders in Asia, this engaging workshop takes a closer look at the unique challenges and opportunities present within the continent, focusing on the dynamic greater China region.

Guided by experienced experts and practitioners, the session will integrate insightful discussions to unpack the intersectional impact of climate change and strategies across the mitigation-adaptation-resilience spectrum. The expert presentations will be followed by brainstorming sessions in small groups.

By delving deep into the core of climate-related concerns, participants will discover personalised paths aligned with their objectives while unlocking the potential for collaborative endeavours across the region, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Key Takeaways:
  • To unpack the intersectionality of climate change (across the adaptation-mitigation-resilience spectrum) in other SDG areas.
  • Spotlight examples of large-scale initiatives that can be possible opportunities for systemic change.
  • Offer pathways for climate engagement and collaboration to funders who are in the early stages of their journey.