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A platform for philanthropists, thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, policy-makers, academia and NGOs from around the world to exchange views, facilitate cross-sector collaboration and cultivate long-term partnerships and engagement, all in the hope of creating better cities.

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The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust is pleased to host the Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum 2023 with the overarching theme: Philanthropy for Fairer Societies.

Fairness of opportunities

Fairer outcomes

Explore how 21st-century philanthropies could evolve in Asia and beyond

Our Distinguished Keynote Speakers

This is what Philanthropy can do: bring hope and light in darkness. My hope is that we can use our privilege, power and influence to demand a more just and fair world.


President, The Ford Foundation

The role of philanthropy is to ensure a better architecture, to bring more fairness and equity, so the equilibrium will be better than what we have today.

Gaurav GUPTA

Global Managing Partner, Dalberg Advisors

I was very impressed with the event and felt that it exceeded the high standards set by HKJC’s 2016 Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum. I have already been in touch with a number of people I met during the conference so that we can continue our collaboration.

Bradford SMITH

President, Foundation Center

I was deeply impressed by the extraordinary preparation, expert execution, and deep warmth of everyone who represent the Jockey Club Charities Trust. The speakers were terrific, the sessions fascinating, and the hallway conversations engaging.


President and CEO, The Kresge Foundation