Keynote 3 – Reimagining megapolises of tomorrow to cope with climate change


Reimagining megapolises of tomorrow to cope with climate change



12 Sep 2023 Tuesday 09:15

With estimates suggesting that cities are responsible for 75% of global carbon dioxide emissions, the urgency to explore innovative approaches and strategies in urban design and planning is evident. The impact of climate change is already being felt in megapolises worldwide, with rising sea levels threatening coastal cities and extreme weather events disrupting urban life. It is imperative to address these challenges head-on and reimagine how our cities can adapt, mitigate, and thrive in the face of climate change towards long-term sustainability.

This session explores best practices, transformative ideas, and practical solutions for creating resilient and sustainable megapolises while highlighting the invaluable role of philanthropy in driving change.


Christiana FIGUERES

Co-host of “Outrage + Optimism” and Former UN Climate Chief

Amitav GHOSH

Award Winning Author (Jnanpith Award, Dan David Prize and more)


Edward YAU

Former Secretary for Environment and Former Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government