22.09.16 (Thursday)
Opening Ceremony for Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum

Photo Video
Day 1 Keynote Address by Professor Michael Porter –
Shared Values for Better Cities
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Forum Introduction – Views from Hong Kong Photo Video
First Plenary: Foundations and Cities Photo Video
Second Plenary: Developments in China’s Philanthropic Landscape Photo Video
Track A – Philanthropy in Youth and Education Photo Video
Track B – Role of Social Innovation in Creating Philanthropic Impact Photo Video
Track C – Environment and Sustainability Photo Video
Track D – Role of Philanthropy in Social Investing Photo Video
Track E – Leveraging Technology as a Philanthropic Tool Photo Video
Track F – Cities and Ageing Photo Video
Track G – Health and Cities Resiliency Photo Video
Track H – Public Private Partnerships to Scale Impact Photo Video
Day 1 Closing Remarks Photo Video

23.09.16 (Friday)
Opening Plenary: The Road Ahead – Opportunities & Challenges Photo Video
Second Plenary: Getting There – Ways Forward for Philanthropy Photo Video
Keynote Dialogue: Where East meets West –
Philanthropic Developments & the Role of Technology
Photo Video
Track I – Best Practices in Selecting Philanthropic Projects Photo Video
Track J – Case Studies: Use of Philanthropic Capital in Sourcing and Catalysing Investments Photo Video
Track K – Role of Business in Philanthropy Photo Video
Track L – Fostering Community Inclusion: Arts & Heritage Photo Video
Forum Closing Remarks Photo Video