Track Sessions IV
K. Community Philanthropy: 'How can we strengthen the involvement of local communities?'

Community philanthropy brings a bottom-up approach to solving problems by more directly involving the communities affected by them. This collaborative style of solution design and delivery seeks to build capacity and trust, and make the impact of interventions more sustainable. This is different from the traditional model of giving that foundations have used. While community philanthropy is still at the margins of social change, it is gaining more traction in development discourse. Its rise in popularity, however, has been slower than some of its advocates have hoped; many of the world’s biggest philanthropy players have yet to fully embrace this new model.

This session will explore the impact community philanthropy has achieved up to now and consider the case for scaling it up. The discussion will reflect on both the merits of community philanthropy and the potential challenges foundations and others may face when trying to bring it into the mainstream.