Track Sessions IV
J. The Environment: 'Are we afraid of fighting climate change?'

Climate change is the result of fast-paced and intense development powered by fossil fuels. As economies continue to develop, how they generate and use energy will be critical to mitigating climate change. Moreover, how they adapt to a changing climate, as well as make their infrastructure and communities resilient, will also be vital in the light of more extreme weather events. Government policies need to drive both mitigation and adaptation at scale. Commercial companies have to respond to new policies so that business and society can take appropriate actions. Since there are climate change impacts to nearly all areas of public and private sector activities, there is an important role for the philanthropy sector as well, by becoming “climate conscious” in whatever areas grant-making bodies serve. Engagement and collaboration are essential to get all three sectors working together, as climate change is the ultimate trans-disciplinary challenge.

This session will discuss the various roles to which philanthropy can contribute – both in the public and private sectors – in mitigating and adapting society to climate change, as well as in making communities more resilient through their grant-making.