Day 1 Closing Dialogue with Nobel Laureates: 'Where is the next source of hidden value?'

This session will bring together two Nobel laureates, Professor James J. Heckman and Professor Muhammad Yunus. Through their work, both have been able to find large sources of untapped social value. In his recent research projects, Professor Heckman has focused on using economic tools to make the case for interventions early in childhood that deliver large value returns later in life. Professor Yunus has demonstrated the bankability of people who had previously been written off as valueless customers, and in doing so, launched a microcredit movement that has transformed millions of people’s lives.

For this conversation, the two Nobel Laureates will be invited to reflect on where large pools of social value are not being addressed by institutions and markets today. They will explore which of these should be addressed most urgently, and the models that can be used to mobilise capital and activity towards them.