Closing Plenary
Sports and Cities: 'How can we use sports to improve well-being and achieve social good in cities?'

Globally, around one third of adults do not achieve the World Health Organization’s recommended level of physical activity. Sports have immense potential as a vehicle to improve social well-being in cities, where sedentary lifestyles have become the norm. As cities struggle to achieve their sustainable development goals, increasing sports participation can play a key role. In many places, sports have become a very useful and effective means to increase awareness about health and education, enable social cohesiveness, and empower marginalised groups.

In this session, CEO of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Mr Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, President of Michael Phelps Foundation Mr Michael Phelps, Founder of The Yao Foundation Mr Yao Ming, Founder of Magic Bus Mr Matthew Spacie and President of Hong Kong Tennis Association Mr Philip Mok, will explore the contribution sports participation can make to society, which goes beyond direct impacts to important ripple effects. It will consider the initiatives and mechanisms to promote sport that philanthropists should prioritise, and how these may vary across different parts of the world.