Track Sessions I
C. Arts, Culture and Heritage for Social Causes: 'How can we increase the contribution of the arts to social inclusion and empowerment?'

Historically, arts and culture have always been at the forefront of social changes. Today, the societal influence of traditional arts has been vastly overshadowed by the pop culture and the advent of social media. Fine arts can be difficult and expensive to access, and considered irrelevant by large sections of society. Some cities have invested heavily and intelligently in increasing their citizens’ exposure to the arts. Others, however, see this as a difficult cause to support alongside myriad other pressing social problems.

This session will focus on the case for protecting and promoting traditional arts to support social inclusion and empowerment. It will explore the challenges that some leaders have faced when trying to win support for interventions in this area, and share insights on the type of arts initiatives that can most effectively effect positive social change.