Track Sessions I
B. The Continuum of Capital Approach to Giving: 'How and why Asian philanthropy should use diverse financial instruments to maximise their social impact?'

The global social investment ecosystem is becoming increasingly diverse with stakeholders ranging from foundations to family offices, impact funds and corporates working alongside government. In Asia we are beginning to see the formation of a continuum of capital where funders can make use of multiple financial instruments to better meet the needs of their investees. Without decades of structured philanthropic institutions, Asia is well placed to build on this trend and transcend the labels and fragmentation seen in other markets. It is no longer about grants versus debt or equity but rather which of these is the right fit for the organisation at a given stage and how social investors can support a more seamless pathway for these organisations to move from one stage to the next.

This session will bring together unique perspectives on what is needed to encourage the continued formation of this continuum of capital and why it is imperative for success in the region.