Track Sessions I
A. Age-friendly Cities: 'How can urban planning respond to the needs of older people?'

As urban populations age at an unprecedented rate, cities need to prepare to meet increasing demand for welfare, healthcare and transportation. It is also crucial to make city facilities inclusive to people of all ages. Urbanisation can be accompanied by the alienation of older people due to inappropriately designed city spaces, or a lack of awareness about the contribution older people can make. Cities should step up their efforts to unlock opportunities that maintain older people’s active involvement in society. Globally, cities have adopted different methods to be inclusive. While some have changed existing infrastructure to improve accessibility and safety, others have created separate communities. This is largely driven by the starkly different realities facing city leaders around the world.

This session will bring together global experts in policy and planning for older people’s needs. They will explore what sets cities apart from each other with respect to ageing populations, as well as patterns and challenges commonly seen across diverse contexts. The panel will also reflect on the most promising solutions emerging from new evidence and innovation.